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Fostering Holistic Growth Through The Sport of Cheer 

About Us 

Cheer Sensation Ja Ltd, was founded by Stephen McCubbin in 2011 to provide opportunities for children and adults alike to pursue non-traditional avenues of athleticism. The Company was later incorporated as a Non-Profit under the Companies Act of Jamaica in 2017, in order to make services more accessible to those students who were unable to afford it.


Cheer Sensation is driven by a single goal; To Foster Holistic Development Through The Sport Of Cheer. Our cheerleading programs and social development projects and activities are designed to be catalysts that help children and their families reach their social and athletic goals while developing emotionally.


Our Students are LEADERS, on and off the field.  Cheerleaders play an instrumental role in raising, leading and maintaining school spirit in and around their communities. In short, they are leaders in building general morale at their school!